ANY Signature Gold & Diamond Tie Necklace

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ANY signature tie necklace features two strikingly beautiful looks in one. Fully adjustable, this 14 karat gold necklace can be worn as a choker, snugly embracing your throat, allowing the two pendants to dangle and accentuate the curves of your cleavage. Can be worn in a more traditional style, long and sweeping, with the two pendants close together. Both pendants feature our geometrically inspired diamond shaped logo design with two micro diamonds which complements every outfit in your wardrobe. The 14 karat gold slider glides smoothly along the chain, adjusting the shape of the necklace to suit your whim and delight your discriminating fashion sense.


Materials: 14 Karat Gold; 2 Diamonds;

Measurement: 17 Inches (adjustable);